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We are a diversified shop of professionals driven by results. Metonic’s principals have participated in the acquisition, financing, development, asset management, and disposition of more than $3 billion of real estate through multiple economic cycles. LEARN MORE

Why multifamily

An alternative investment such as real estate is a safe and dependable option for investors wanting to reach their financial goals. From tax benefits to passive income, owning and operating a multifamily property is one of the most efficient forms of ownership in real estate. LEARN MORE


Metonic’s leadership team has combined over 100 years of experience in identifying, negotiating, purchasing, and building multifamily real estate. Our case studies are proven results of successful acquisitions, developments, and dispositions. LEARN MORE 


Metonic is the region’s leader in 1031 Exchanges. Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code allows investors to sell real property, reinvest the proceeds in a new property and defer all capital gain taxes in connection with the original sale. LEARN MORE

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Investing with Metonic

Metonic Investors

Metonic’s diverse group of investors invest alongside Metonic on a transaction-by-transaction basis. Investors ranging from large family offices to accredited individuals typically invest between $50K and $2MM in multiple assets. Metonic provides investors the opportunity to receive above-market returns in a low-risk asset class.

Qualified investors generally include any of the following:


An individual earning income greater than $200K for the last 3 years


An individual with joint spousal income greater than $300K for the last 3 years


An individual with net worth, or joint spousal net worth of greater than $1M excluding primary residence


A business entity in which all the equity owners are accredited investors


Any other person who is an accredited investor as defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D of the SEC